Top 7 NSDAP Militaria Items

The time span of 1939 to 1945 marked the manifestation and culmination of World War II. Back then, Germany was ruled and governed by the most authoritarian dictator, Adolf Hitler, under the Nazi party(commonly abbreviated as NSDAP in German language). The political party took over the control of the country in totality which paved the way for one of the most excruciating period in European history. Around six million Jews were ruthlessly swiped off the face of the country. The tactics used by Hitler were highly controversial, making people question every last bit of humanity left in him.


Apart from the horrifying torture and pain, NSDAP is also famous for bringing technological advancement in military equipments and tactics. It is an undeniable fact that the war memorabilia and artifacts stand importance from commercial point of view and is sought after by astute collectors. NSDAP militaria items are a constant reminder of that era and are cherished by many Jews as a reminiscence of the Holocaust. These collectibles hold great value till date and will only rise with time. Here are the top seven NSDAP military memorabilia popular among the collectors.

  1. Brown Sword Hanger

Even though World War II marked introduction of advanced military equipments, sword was an all time reliable weapon for the soldiers. The sword was tied around the waist or hanged over the shoulder with the help of a sword hanger. The sword or dagger hanger was made of leather with a metal clip on it.

  1. 10 Year Schlageter Memorial Award 1923-33

The award was named after the member of the German Freikorps (‘Free Corps’)- Albert Leo Schlageter. He sabotaged French troops after World War I that led to his arrest and execution, thus, creating an image of martyr in the eyes of the people around him. The Schlageter award is a silver colored metal with “Schlageter memorial seat Hannover eV,” stamped at the backside.

  1. The Medal of Karl Goetz” book

It is a rare piece written by G.W Kienast. The book comprises of references on the medallions made by Goetz including both pictorial representation and descriptive content on German militaria.

  1. Adolf Hitler Cuff Title

A cuff title was symbol of token or power wrapped around the sleeve or cuff of the paramilitary uniform worn in World War II. The cuff title worn by the fascist himself holds uber value among the avid collectors.

  1. SS Dagger

SS Dagger, also known as Schutzstaffel Ehrendolch, was considered an honor weapon in NSDAP army. The dagger’s design was based on the Swiss dagger dated back to the 16th century. The SS members were granted the permission to use this dagger against anyone who offended the SS family in any way.

  1. Luftwaffe General’s Visor

The German Wehrmacht (defense force) consisted of three units- army, navy and airforce. The airforce, also known as Luftwaffe in German, general wore a visor with it’s emblem (flying eagle holding up the popular Swastik symbol in it’s legs).

  1. Reichsparteitage postcard

The Nuremberg rally, officially known as Reichsparteitage, was the annual rally of the NSDAP. The postcards representing this rally were printed in the year 1936 dating around 8th to 14th September.

The only thing which must be kept in mind while buying these memorabilia is the genuineness it possess. Make sure that the source from where you are buying these items is authentic. There are people who will charge you exorbitant prices for fake items. The quality and genuineness of these memorabilia is of utmost importance. There are various collector and preserver of NSDAP memorabilia like Lakesidetrader, NSDAPuniforms, Germanmilitaria, etc who deal in genuine antique items. Buy original pieces of war items from these online stores and take your hobby one step further.


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