Significance of Hitler in World War II

World War II is one of those rare subjects on which a worldwide unity in opinion is observed. Till date it is the most heinous and atrocious act ever happened in the history of wars and murders. When anybody thinks about that period, the first word that pops into their mind is “Nazis”. Nazis were nothing but the NSDAP party (German political party) led by Adolf Hitler. NSDAP was famous for its controversial and questionable warfare tactics. To highlight the one which strikes fear and grief simultaneously in everybody’s heart is the Holocaust – swiping off around six million European Jews lives off the face of the earth.


Nazi leader – Adolf Hitler – was one of the most powerful dictator in the 20th century. He was the one who gave the shape to “Nazism” as we call it today. After a failed coup attempt to seize power in 1923, he served jail which marked restructuring of Germany on racial basis. Hitler rose to power in the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) after the conclusion of first world war, and took control of the German government in 1933. He initiated the World War II in September 1939 by invading Poland – conquering most of the Europe and North Africa in the win.

Hitler practiced the ideology of fascism and believed that seizing lands by declaring war on the vast land owners would aid in settling German families and supplementing soldiers for the upcoming battles. He had outlined about his political dogma and future plans for Germany in his autobiography “Mein Kampf”.

Mein Kampf

Roughly translating to ‘My Fight’ in English, Hitler began writing his autobiography while he was imprisoned for his failure in the coup attempt. The narrative described how he turned into an antisemitic (discrimination against Jews) and a militaristic. He also mentioned about the German Parliamentary system to be corrupted and serving Judaism. He believed the only two evils that existed in this world were – Communism and Judaism. The book was published in two volumes in the year 1925 and 1926, and was edited by Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess. Statistics claim that the total copies of Mein Kampf sold in 1945 were almost same as the Bible.


Apart from Mein Kampf, there are other popular artifacts related to Adolf Hitler which build curiosity in any collector’s mind till today’s date.

Adolf Hitler Funeral Sash

The funeral sash is a rare piece that was made for honoring the death of heroes and noble dignitaries in the war. The sash was made of high quality material with ‘Adolf Hitler’ and swastika symbol printed on it.

Adolf Hitler Medallion

The medallion was designed by one of the favourite painters of Hitler – Richard Klein. He was known for his work with NS regime, and was the director of Munich School of Applied Arts.

Though the acts performed by Nazis were undoubtedly merciless, there is another side to the coin as well. The warfare tactics adopted by them were a splendid example of technological advancement. Both the aspects combined – the atrocity and advanced warfare – are what makes NSDAP memorabilia highly popular among astute collectors. There are various collector and preserver of NSDAP memorabilia like Lakesidetrader, NSDAPuniforms, Germanmilitaria, etc who deal in genuine antique items at effective prices.


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