Reasons why NSDAP is important in World War II

The World War II is one of the most violent and lethal battle fought in the history of the world. It was one of the most destructive wars that started from 1939 and finished till 1945. Nearly 50 million people around the world lost their lives in this war. The main culprit to start this war was Germany. Adolf Hitler was the leader, who led all the Nazi followers to the war. This war was started from Europe and passed through Russia, Japan to the Pacific.


The NSDAP had played a huge role in this war. Some reasons of why NSDAP was important in this war are as follow:

  • The German/NSDAP started this war as revenge from other countries for the failure in World War I, the Germans fell under a great depression after the WWI. They were left sour because of the Versailles Treaty and many of their powerful leaders were injured or died during the WWI.
  • Adolf Hitler was the reason behind the popularity of the Nazi group. He selected and formed the group of powerful rulers.
  • He mentioned his enmity towards the Jews and his plans for them from the start of his ruler. Those plans were also mentioned in his book “Mein Kampf”.
  • Hitler made his army learn new strategies such as the Blitzkrieg technique and made his men expert in it. Through this technique they conquered most parts of the Europe.
  • Hitler’s biggest mistake was not allowing women to take part in the war. He  only believed in women being kept at home and not taken to wars.
  • Hitler carried out the Holocaust which was the most terrible event in the history. It targeted the Jews as Hitler thought them to be the enemy.
  • Germany was a very powerful country at the start of the war but as they started becoming proud from their victories, they lost the battle.  The war was won by Russians and Germans are still paying for starting the war.

Many people are crazy for the World War II keepsakes and collectibles. Special items of Germany, such as the Brocade Belt, Armbands with “German Armed Forces” embroidered on them, German Helmets, insignia of Swastika or the eagle, Stamps, medals and flags are very famous. The most collected items include the Buckles, like, HJ leader buckle, the DAK Heer Buckle, Luftwaffe buckle, Leaders Buckles, SS officer’s buckles and the Fire Defense Buckle are some of the common items for collecting.

These items are easily available on the websites online but only an expert can tell the difference between the original and the fake. These items are the best way to go into the history and know about the Germans, World War II and their reason to failure.


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