Why collecting Nazi memorabilia is more than a hobby?

The German political party known as NSDAP has worked from 1920 to 1945. The NSDAP stands for National Socialist German Workers’ Party. They were the followers of the concept Nazism and fought against the communism in the First World War. They believed in the concept of uniting all the pure Germans and finish the inferior rebels and foreigners (physically and mentally). The Nazi’s were the people responsible for “The Holocaust”. Their sign was the swastika with the red and brown background. Another German’s symbol was the eagle standing above the symbol of swastika.

The keepsakes of the World War II and its related items have been more than a hobby for the collectors. There are many hobbies, such as, stamps, postcards, coins, etc. But the Nazi keepsakes and memorabilia has been more than a hobby for the collectors. Many people have even opened their own personal museums with the Nazi keepsakes and still look forward to collect new discovered items from the war.

Some reasons for the people to collect the Nazi NSDAP keepsakes are:

  • Many people want to collect something different than the coins and stamps, and the war items are one of them. They find it fun and the World War II items have been unique with stories and secrets hidden behind every piece of item. Many people get excited to see this kind of collection.
  • Some people collect the NSDAP souvenirs for the education sake. They want to find the hidden secrets of every piece. They like to learn and know about the history of the WWII and to understand the causes that led to the whole war.
  • The collectors collect these items to show them as the sign of violence. These items symbolize the era and times of hatred. Hatred against Jews, Muslims and every person who was against them. It showed that the WWII was the time of intolerance and racism and how people came out of it.


  • Some collectors keep these items because they think that these were the conquests of the NSDAP.
  • The NSDAP collectibles are a dream for the collectors. Because these items are bold and filled with confidence when a person looks at them. They are beautiful and striking items. They shows the nature of the Nazi’s that they were proud and show-offs. And this is the reason that people die to collect the Nazi’s memorabilia.
  • For the rare number of people and collectors, it is a way to sympathize with the Nazi’s. It is believed that such people want to follow the steps of Nazi’s which is not true.

These pieces have the horrifying truth of holocaust around them. For many people, it is a sensitive and hurtful topic, but for some it is more than a hobby to collect those keepsakes. These are the items that keep the history alive.


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